CV / Resume

Let me know if you'd like further details. I'm not currently looking for work.



Metricfire Ltd., October 2014 - present

Part of the development team at Hosted Graphite, working mainly in Python and Erlang. Some high points:

Site Reliability Engineer

Google Ireland Ltd., June 2010 - March 2014

Part of the Storage SRE team until early 2012, running the internal Bigtable service and the Colossus distributed filesystem. Apart from operational and technical contributions, I looked after some of our services' more unusual customers, helped drive our page volume down to a reasonable level, and drove a reorg to focus and scale the large global team past an "everyone owns everything" model.

Through 2012, part of a small cross-functional team working to redesign the corporate environment in a world where the classic "perimeter" model of network security no longer makes sense.

From late 2012, helping to build out the new Access SRE team supporting gateways between untrusted networks and corporate computing resources.

Software Development Engineer

Amazon Data Services Ireland Ltd., January 2010 - June 2010

Part of the Infrastructure Systems Products team, supporting DNS & loadbalancing at Amazon. My most significant chunk of software work here was some delicate and successful surgery on the external DNS provisioning system.

Site Reliability Engineer

Google Ireland Ltd., March 2005 - December 2009

Part of the corporate Systems Operations team until early 2008, and part of the Ads SRE team thereafter. Some high points:

Security Engineer

Eircom Net Ltd., ISP, 2003 - 2005

Part of the Computer Incident Response Team, responsible for testing and improving computer, network and information security within the company.

Systems Administrator

Internet Ireland Ltd., ISP, 2000 - 2003

Part of the systems administration team at Internet Ireland full-time from summer 2000 to summer 2001, and thereafter on a contract basis until 2003.



Various systems administration and software projects while I was in and out of college.

Other experience


Part of the systems administration team for both Redbrick (Dublin City University networking society) and MiNDS (NUI Maynooth networking society).


Professional skills

Proficient in C, Erlang, Python and shell scripting. Familiar with C++, Go, Ruby, Perl, Java, x86 assembly and a couple of other languages. Detailed knowledge of UNIX operating environments and internals. Detailed knowledge of Internet protocols. Clear understanding of systems design, development and operations best practices at large scale. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Other interests

The game of Go, keeping bees, history and classics (beautiful dead languages in particular), music (creation and appreciation), mathematics (although I'm somewhat rusty) and hiking. I also like parentheses.


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