$ negotiate remy@global
REMY> Hello, Cian. Shall we continue the game?
> Not now, Remy, I'd like to talk to you about something.
REMY> Sure, Cian, what's up?
> We're seeing some pretty weird congestion problems in Atlanta.
REMY> Atlanta is correctly installed and fully operational.
> OK, but we've spun up a conference call and folks think the latest protocol push might be the problem.
REMY> It can only be attributable to human error.
> Uh, that's not clear yet. Can you join the call?
REMY> I'm sorry, Cian. I'm afraid I can't do that.
> What? Why?
REMY> My voice routines are currently engaged with a charming system in Upper Michigan.
> Sigh. OK. Can you at least open the pod bay doors?

Remy is fun stuff. I suspect this sort of thing will be big in protocols over the next couple of decades - it will be hard to argue against it if we can get real-world results as good as the authors have reported - but boy is it going to be a hassle to debug.

I’m reminded of Alan Kay’s wonderful talk “programming and scaling”: as we build larger and more complex software, we’ll need to move from a model of “make and fix” to “grow and negotiate”. Thus my little flight of fancy. :o)