I got a copy of the lovely Waldschattenspiel or “Shadows in the Woods”. It’s a cooperative game for children (and one adult) where a group of Dwarves need to unite under one tree while a light - a will o’ the wisp? - moves through the forest and freezes anyone it touches with its light.

It comes with a set of wooden pawns for the Dwarves, and little triangles of felt to make into hats. I had great fun gluing the hats on last night, and Mags made some lovely little beards for them from some toweling.

Really looking forward to playing this with the children over the Christmas holidays.

Pictures below.

Small wooden pawn figures dressed in colourful caps and beards.

A side view of Dwarf playing pieces from Waldschattenspiel.

A full view of the Waldschattenspiel game board, with wooden trees and colourful Dwarves lined up.