As an expansion of my snippets habit, for the last 7 years I’ve written up a “yearly snippets” doc each year - a personal retrospective for the year.

I’ve used various formats - from “incident review” style through “4Ls” - but always with the intention of sharing more broadly than just to me and my manager. My colleagues have generally appreciated the perspective, and some have taken up the practice.

One of my favourite things about doing this is that it’s for me. Yes, it’s useful to my manager (and a useful way of “managing up”). I use it as input to the local performance and review system. But I’m the main audience and it’s my practice. I hate the kinds of performance mangement systems we see in tech companies. Having something that “works around” them to my benefit is very freeing.

Anyhow, Stig and I wrote up some notes and guidance about the idea at $current: